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Hormonal Discomfort

I’ve been going through some issues lately.  Issues, that unfortunately for my Hubby, coincide with my monthly visitor.  My family had someone try to break into my house at 4 am last Tuesday.  We were home and asleep.  Fortunately, my dog woke us up and they didn’t come in.  Unfortunately, while we have suspects, we don’t have proof.  So, Friday, Hubby is working, and again, some jerk tries to come in the front door while I’m sleeping.  My dogs wake us up again.  Thank God for nature’s burglar alarm.  Saturday, a repeat performance—at almost the same exact time.  Again, Milk-bone security systems to the rescue: Is this idiot not realizing they  Needless to say we’re moving.  So, in the midst of a wedding for a family member, almost being burgled, and moving; my monthly visitor is on her way. 

I have relied heavily on the shoulder and strength of my hubby.  Last night, I literally curled in the fetal position with my head laying on him just to feel safe and loved.  When we went to bed, we had what I can only describe as the best sex ever.  He took control and was caring and very dominant.  He was the man of the house last night.  And, I needed it.  I almost cried when it was over. 

I’m trying to get a grip but I think I’m spiraling downwards. It’s really hard to be strong and get things done at this point for me.  I’m showing solid courage on the exterior but on the inside, I’m crumbling fast.

Now, sitting at my desk, I just want to cry.  I don’t know why. But Pandora is helping.  So, this blog is a love letter to my Hubby who will never read it.  Oasis, thank you for putting this song out.  This verse is how I feel about my hubby right now:

Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you’re my wonderwall…..

There’s your gushy moment from me for the week (hopefully).


Hey Y’all! Welcome to my world!

I want to start by saying that this isn’t my first blog.  I had hoped to have a diary of sorts, where I could confess some things and embellish others.  I just enjoy writing and sharing details about my life.  I was pretty popular under my last pseudonym and even had a twitter account….until I was discovered by my husband’s cyber stalking.  The things I embellished, he thought were true.  The things that were true, he thought I was making up.  Go figure. So, with his permission and his vow not to cyber stalk me again, I’m starting anew.  This time, if he finds the blog, I’m telling him it’s all real and then I’m going to go make it happen. 😉

I’ll also mention here that ALL names are fictitious.  That’s partially self-serving.  I don’t want to embarrass anyone or ruin any lives and frankly, if I use fake names, you can’t prove anything!

The good thing about the combination of Marilyn, June, and Scarlett is that you get the best of all worlds. The sexy pin-up girl who can cook and clean combined with the sassiness and courage of a Southern Belle. I’m going to be moving some of my previous posts to this one so you can get to know me a little better.  I’ll also create a new twitter account so you can read about my daily rants, flirts, good girl, bad girl, sex, cooking, and mommy antics.   I hope you enjoy!